Legal Requirements

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Legal Requirements

The Celebrant needs to be registered as an authorised Marriage Celebrant to solemize any marriages within any place in Australia.

For anyone wanting marry in Australia  A 'Notice of Intended Marriage' (Form 13) form must be completed and lodged with me at least one month prior to the wedding. You cannot get married within Australia without giving one months notice. Once lodged with me the Notice of Intended Marriage is valid for a maximum period of 18 months.

Documentation that must be provided

  • Evidence of Identification

  • Proof of date and place of birth – eg birth certificate or passport.

  • Photo ID - Passport, Driver's License or Proof of Age Card.

Documents need to be produced if either party has been previously married:-

  • Divorce Paper

  • Death Certificate

Shortening of Time process

The are reasons that allow you to apply for a shortening of time (within the one month period). To apply for a shortening of time you must consider the reason to come within one of certain criteria.


During our first meeting we will discuss all the legal requirements and what paperwork is required from you.

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