Naming Ceremony

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Naming Ceremony

A very popular ceremony is the Naming ceremony. It is not a religious ceremony rather a service of welcome shared by your family and friends usually held in a family home or garden.

Taking the time to value and honour the children in our world is an important ceremony worthy of our time, thought and energy. Naming a child not only gives a sense of personal identity, even if they may not be fully aware of it at the time, but it also gives a sense of family and cultural identity, all of which are important for a child’s sense of belonging. It is a  opportunity for all who will be in the child's life to state before all the unconditional love, care, support and encouragement they will continue to provide for the child throughout his/her life.

How do get the best out out of the Naming Ceremony

  • Try to choose promises that have special meaning for you.

  • Who will be the 'Godparents" ideally, they should be people who your child will see regularly and have a good and positive influence in their life.

  • Are there others that would love to be involved? Older children - gift giving or grandparents or friends for readings.

  • Children are part of a bigger family - it might be appropriate to mention absent family members.

 I would be happy to offer you help and advice for this special day.

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